Aksenov declared the establishment of the Navy of Crimea (video)

Sergey Aksenov, the authorized Chairman of the Supreme Council of the AR of Crimea, at a press conference in Sevastopol issued a decree to create the Naval forces of Crimea.


«I hereby order all servicemen of the Navy of Ukraine, serving in the city of Sevastopol, consider execution of any decisions, orders and instructions of the self-proclaimed authorities and officials of Ukraine, including illegally appointed Minister of defence of Ukraine I.I. Teniukh.


«Do not make any decisions and orders on the use of weapons before obtaining my specific indications.

Ensure the strict observance of the execution of my orders as the Supreme commander of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.


«Immediately bring this order to the troops of Naval forces of Ukraine, serving in the city of Sevastopol,» Aksenov said.


[video width="540" height="360" mp4="http://nahnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/6206.mp4"][/video]

In the press conference, Admiral Dennis Berezovsky refused to fulfill the orders of the Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Teniukh, giving an oath of allegiance to the residents of the Crimea, and Sevastopol.



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