Kadyrov: Russia stretches Ukrainian people today hand of support

Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of the Chechen Republic, criticized the speech by Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the Ukrainian «Right sector», to the international terrorist Doku Umarov of a war against Russia. Kadyrov noted that Russia does not intend to conquer Ukraine.

Russia pursues peaceful purposes relative to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. The armed forces have been introduced in Ukraine for the protection of the population from the threat of @bloody conflict».

«Russia gives the Ukrainian people today a hand of support. And if its not shaken, tomorrow may be too late. We are brothers, we will always be brothers! Yarosha will disapper soon, and Russian, Ukrainian, Chechen peoples will live in peace and accord», Ramzan Kadyrov stated his point of view.

«The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will never set a war in Ukraine. It is necessary to protect hundreds of thousands of citizens of Russia, the Russian Black Sea fleet and, of course, the Ukrainian people from nationwide threat of bloody conflict», the head of the Chechen Republic said journalists.

What Kadyrov thinks about the activities of «Right sector» extremist group is as follow: «The greatest activity is shown by representatives of the so-called «Right sector», who strive in his agony hatred for Russia to plunge Ukraine into the abyss of bloody chaos. These guys indicated with the appeal of the leader of the "Right sector" Dmitry Yarosha to Doku Umarov. Yarosha is completely lunatic! He asks for help of a bandit who for a long time has already been departed to where there is no return. If Yarosh recognizes that he fought in Chechnya, all measures will be taken for him to be punished. He will be discharged, as his friend Umarov, a one way ticket!».

And here is some information about the Doku Umarov, the leader of the «Right sector» Dmitry Yarosh plans to cooperate with.

Doku Umarov is a Islamist terrorist in Chechnya (1990s-present, one of the leaders of illegal armed formations) and in the North Caucasus. On his personal orders major terrorist attacks in Russia in recent years: undermining the «Nevsky Express» train (27.11.2009), the explosions in the Moscow metro (29.03.2010), the explosion in the airport «Domodedovo» (24.01.2011), as well as a number of other attacks were made. He is currently in the Federal Wanted list on charges of robberies, murders, kidnappings, terrorist acts, distribution of calls for overthrow of power and incitement of ethnic hatred.

In 2010, the US officially included Doku Umarov into the list of international terrorists, and in 2011 the UN Security Council included Doku Umarov into the list of terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda.

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