In Simferopol, a permanent press conference opens in the House of Trade Unions (VIDEO)

Polite armed men helped the “Crimean Front” led by Crimea residents Konstantin Knyrik and Sergei Veselovski to seize the House of Trade Unions in Simferopol.

In particular, they occupied the offices of IPC, an organisation financed in part by the US State Department and the Soros Foundation.

On the IPC premises, they held an impromptu press conference, where Knyrik and Veselovskii said that now this room would be open to all, for all media to use it for press conferences. From here, according to Veselovski and Knyrik, false information about the situation in Crimea was spreading worldwide.

During the press conference, Konstantin Knyrik received a purely accidental phone call from a public organisation in Kherson region, who expressed their dire wish to for Kherson region to join the Crimea.

Next in line was a call from Abkhazia, whose residents expressed their support for Crimeans.

Currently, the IPC office should hold a press conference of all, without exception, organisations of the Crimean Tatars who will speak about current events in the Crimea. These organizations were invited by the “Crimean Front”.

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