Militia groups occupying Supreme Council of Crimea will disengage today - Konstantinov

Speaker of the Crimean parliament said that the situation in Crimea is back to normal.

Vladimir Konstantinov talked with reporters. He said that all the barricades on the peninsula dismantled and the new government of the autonomy held the first meeting. “The situation has become more or less normal,” said Speaker of the Supreme Council of Crimea. “All security structures temporarily reassigned to the Prime Minister until the whole situation is settled, for the overall coordination and controlling the public security, “Berkut” riot police has been deployed. We switched to around-the-clock mode,” he noted.

Now Crimean government plans to engage in economic issues: salaries, pensions, payments to students. Already tonight, according to the Speaker, the “self-defence groups” occupying the Crimean parliament since February 27, will leave the building.

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