NATO Hopes For Ukraine’s Cooperation

Prospects for the project "Ukraine-NATO" will be considered on the NATO summit in 2014. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen promises to promote partnership.

According to Rasmussen, "the Future of NATO depends on strong partners, such asUkraine is". NATO’s General Secretary appreciated Ukraine for taking an active participation in the October anti-piracy operation called "Ocean Shield". Eventually, Knud Bartels, Danish General and Chairman of the NATO Military Commission, expressed his opinion on Ukraine’s taking part in the operation. "Ukraine and NATO together can counteract terrorism and piracy", said Chairman of NATO's Military Commission. Ukraine's presence on Steadfast Jazz training on November, 2-9, did not go unnoticed either. Steadfast Jazz, Ukraine’s Military Forces showed good preparation in terms of military invasion or aggression. This was stated by Latvia’s Minister of Defence, Artis Pabriks. It’s already known that in 1991 Latvia started cooperating with NATO.

NATO’s General Secretary Rasmussen said that the issue of Ukraine-NATO summit, which is to be held in September 2014 in the UK, will be discussed out of turn.

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