Kharkov’s Eurobasket 2015 presence is in jeopardy

For the past few months, all work on Kharkov Arena building has been suspended. This puts Eurobasket-2015 in jeopardy: no sports complex means nowhere to hold the matches. The reason is a lack of funding: VETEK, general investor of the project and the company owned by Sergei Kurchenko, who is close to Yanukovych, is delaying payments. Earlier, suspended construction of Kharkov-Arena was explained by extremely low temperatures. However, the temperature has risen while the construction project remains frozen.

Only a while back, Kharkov residents could monitor construction progress online through several webcams. Today, there is none left on the special post. Only one out of six construction cranes is currently working - for stacking the building materials into trucks. In total, there are about twenty construction workers at the site.

VETEK assured that previously started projects remain in force. Press release of the group of companies says, “VETEK business activities are independent from politics. Even more surprising is the permanent political labelling of the group of companies and its management. Group management calls on partners and clients asking to assess the situation soberly, to resist the media provocations.”

Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes also confirmed the financing delays, but said that in the near future the investor will resume payments. Meanwhile, members of the Kharkov City Council decided to allocate UAH 700 million of the local budget to prepare the city for the championship.

Despite the current difficulties, the right to host EuroBasket-2015 remains after Ukraine, reassures the International Basketball Federation.

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