13 aircraft with Russian paratroopers land in Crimea - Kunitsyn

13 IL-76 aircrafts with Russian paratroopers landed in Crimea, announced Sergey Kunitsyn, UA President Permanent Envoy in the Crimea, talking live on ATR TV channel.

“13 boards with paratroopers are landing in Gvardeiskoe, 150 people in each. Surely those who conceived this operation did not think about the people,” he said.

The President's representative in the Crimea noted, “To a certain extent, Yanukovych people were involved in this.”

“They were offering, through money or by blackmail, to raise flags of other country over military units. Neither Konstantinov nor Aksenov are decision-makers, they are the doers. Everything is decided at the geopolitical level. Ukraine and Crimea are not subjects anymore, rather objects of negotiations,” he said.

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