Ukraine could close Russia’s Consulate General in Crimea

Diplomatic ways to resolve the conflict in the Crimea aren’t exhausted yet, believes Bogdan Yaremenko, Ukraine’s Consul General in Istanbul in 2010-2013.

Ukraine has not exhausted “purely diplomatic” ways to resolve the situation in Crimea, said the expert talking live on Channel 5 TV.

“Ukraine is far from exhausted all diplomatic efforts and diplomatic means to resolve this situation. There are purely diplomatic ways to do it, they have not been exhausted,” said the diplomat.

“I would suggest to the Foreign Minister to consider the possibility of closing the Russian Consulate General in Simferopol so that it stops carrying out provocations. We can sacrifice some of our Consulate General offices in the Russian Federation. There is a lot of things we can and will do to refrain from respond by military means,” the diplomat added.

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