Dobkin: the situation in the Crimea is very complicated

Today, answering the question of the representatives of mass media about his assessment of the situation in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, the former governor of Kharkov Region Mikhail Dobkin noted that it was the issue for discussion for the Crimean politicians, people living in the Crimea, and central authorities.

"Generally speaking the situation is very complicated there.  It is not clear how it would end up. I would like to answer the question with a question: Who established such rules of the game? Who, having no authority, returned the Constitution of 2004? And, as I understand it, now the residents of the Crimea are returning the Constitution of 1992. Who created a precedent of capturing the buildings of state institutions with weapons and then amnestied those people and made them heroes? How should we now treat residents of the Crimea, who blocked Parliament of the Crimea and seized the building of government with weapons? Who are they for the new government heroes or extremists? Do they differ from those people, who did the same in Lvov, Kiev, and Kharkov? Therefore, I do not know. If to follow the law and the Constitution of Ukraine, it does not matter of what year, of course, everything that is happening in the Crimea needs immediate response of the competent bodies. But if to rely on those rules, which were brought by the revolution, then, in general, we should say that they are heroes and suggest them some positions in the government of the Crimea," Mikhail Dobkin said.

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