Yanukovych will return to Ukraine only if his security is guaranteed

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don stated that he will return to Ukraine only if security will be guaranteed to him and his family. According to him he needed guarantees of international mediators.

Yanukovych reported that on February 20 he left Kiev to Kharkov in order to take part in the congress of deputies of all levels, initiated by the Ukrainian Front, and planned to meet with his supporters. According to him, he received information about the preparing attempts on his life; the car of his escort was fired upon. After that he made a decision not to participate in the congress and to fly by helicopter to Lugansk. Vladimir Rybak and Andrey Klyuyev, who accompanied him, had to fly by another helicopter to Donetsk to meet with the activists of Party of Regions. But before the flight traffic controllers warned about insecurity of such a flight.

Answering the question of a journalist how he managed to get to the territory of the Russian Federation, Yanukovych responded that patriotically set officers helped him. Answering the question why he arrived in Rostov, Yanukovych said that his longtime friend, whom he asked for the shelter, lives near Rostov.

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