Ukraine asked the UN to take measures regarding the situation in the Crimea

According to the resolution of Verkhovna Rada, adopted today, Ukraine appeals to the Security Council of the UN with the request to call an emergency session, to carry out monitoring of the situation in the Crimea and to take measures in case of violation of its sovereignty.

"We demand that guarantor states support implementation of monitoring of the situation in individual regions of Ukraine, including in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, by the Security Council in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum. The situation that may create a threat to international peace and security. And in case of escalation we demand from guarantor states to achieve urgent actions on the part of United Nations Security Council with the purpose to provide assistance to Ukraine as a member state of  Non-Proliferation Treaty, which does not have nuclear weapons," the acting president of Ukraine, the Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchinov said.

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