Austria blocks accounts of 18 Ukrainian citizens

RIA News agency with the reference to the APA informs that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria stated that the accounts of 18 citizens of Ukraine, who were connected with violation of rights of and freedoms in Ukraine, were frozen for an indefinite period in the national banks of the country. Names of the people, whose accounts were frozen, are not reported.

According to information of the agency, accounts were frozen by agreement with the European External Action Service (EEAS), with the Austrian Agency of the Federal Chancellor and the Ministry of Finance in Vienna. "This measure is temporary, until corresponding measures of the EU come into force," the representative of the ministry noted.

The European Union decided to introduce selective economic sanctions against Ukrainian officials, involved in violence against Maidan. The United States also introduced visa sanctions towards a number of government officials, who were involved in adoption of laws on January 16 and in forceful dispersal of Maidan.

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