Avakov: seizure of airports in the Crimea is armed invasion and occupation

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called seizure of airports in the Crimea armed invasion, occupation and violation of all international treaties and norms, about which he stated on his web page in Facebook.

The Minister informed that the airport Belbeck is blocked by military sub-units of the fleet of the Russian Federation. "There are military men and border guards of Ukraine inside the airport.  There are military men wearing camouflage with weapons without identifying marks outside the airport, but they do not conceal their belonging. The airport does not work. The posts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are around the outer perimeter. For the moment there are no armed clashes," Avakov writes.

According to him there are Russian military men at the airport Simferopol as well. At first, at about 12:00 p.m. people wearing civilian clothes made an attempt to capture the airport. "The group wearing civilian clothes, consisting of about 100 men, who called themselves the Cossack squadron, got over the fence of the airport and went to the field of the airdrome," the minister writes. "Internal troops and the police forced these people back first to the building of the airport, and then out of the territory. Weapons were not used. The "Cossacks" left the territory of the airport at about 1:00 a.m.; they got into the tented trucks and left."

According to Avakov, in half an hour 119 military men with automatic weapons wearing camouflage without identifying marks entered the building of the airport. "They entered the building of the airport and allocated in the room of the restaurant. They do not conceal their belonging to the armed forces of the Russian Federation," Avakov writes.

Ukrainian policemen ask them to leave the building, but Russians answer: "We have no instructions to negotiate with you."

"The situation is static, weapons was not used by both sides. Russian military men statically observe the work of the airport, not interfering directly," the minister writes. "Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Ukraine intensified duty details on the area of the airport. Tension is growing. Law enforcement authorities will not be able to resist the regular military forces."

Avakov called happening events "a direct provocation of armed bloodshed on the territory of the sovereign state." "I consider the happening events to be the armed invasion and occupation that violate all international treaties and norms," Avakov writes. "This is not the competence of the MVD. This is the competence of the Council of National Security and Defense. As long as there are no direct armed clashes, diplomats should negotiate."

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