Onopenko: referendum in the Crimea is not possible

The Chair of the Council of Judges of Ukraine reminded that the Constitution mentions only the "all-Ukrainian referendum" and it is not possible to hold it in a separate region. Residents of the Crimea should first address Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to change the existing legislation.

According to TSN this is the way the Chair of the Council of Judges of Ukraine Vasiliy Onopenko comments on the situation on the peninsula.

He reminded that now there is only one law about the referendum: about the all-Ukrainian referendum. Therefore, it cannot be initiated for individual territories.

"At the moment we have no law about local referendums, therefore, it will be illegal to hold a local referendum," the head of the Council of Judges stated.

Authorities of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (ARK) are defined by the Basic Law of Ukraine as well. It is not possible to expand them independently, but only by means of changing the Constitution.

"The rights of the ARK are clearly defined by the Constitution of Ukraine. Therefore, if there is such a necessity, then let them address Verkhovna Rada in the appropriate order, and it will consider this question," Onopenko noted.

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