Pushkov: the Crimea has a right for the referendum

The Chairman of the committee of the State Duma of Russia of international affairs Aleksey Pushkov considers that the Crimea has a right to hold the referendum about self-determination of its status.

"If we are told that Maidan may be a source of power ... Why the will of the people may not be a source of power and self-determination for the Crimea? I believe that it (the Crimea) cannot be denied in this," RIA Novosti reports referring to the statement of Pushkov, which he made in front of journalists on Friday.

"If the referendum will be held in the Crimea, it will be absolutely legislative legally well-grounded base for changing the status (of the Crimea), in case if the people vote in favor of it," the parliamentarian said.

He noted that the referendum "is a much more legitimate form of changing the status of the Crimea, for example, than spontaneous Maidan." "There was no voting regarding requirements of Maidan in Ukraine, a number of decisions is adopted at gun point," Pushkov said.

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