Commission on lustration created in Dnepropetrovsk

Representatives of 18 non-governmental organisations and associations created Commission on lustration in Dnepropetrovsk.

At the beginning, the Commission members plan to organise information analysis group for collection and preparation of materials for any candidates applying for a place in the legislative or executive bodies of the city. Paul Hazan, deputy head of the “Green Party”, has been tasked with the creation of the group, which will operate based on generally accepted in Europe lustration mechanisms and the “Chesno” (Honestly) movement.

Commission members also decided against demanding immediate dissolution of the City Council but plan to ensure public control of the work of deputies. It is assumed that the City Council will dissolve itself after the early Presidential elections in Ukraine.

Starting February 28, ground floor of Dnipropetrovsk City Council will house the “Headquarters for coordinating actions of public organisations and NGOs”.

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