“Right Sector” wants to cut a piece of Polish lands, diplomatically

Members of the “Right sector” aim to return Ukraine a number of Polish lands, said in an interview to Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” Andrei Tarasenko, spokesman for the radical organisation.

Answering the question of the journalist about how fair, in opinion of the organisation, are the current borders of Ukraine, Tarasenko said that their task, as nationalists, to unite and bring back ethnic lands inhabited by Ukrainians for several thousand years.

“After the war, as a result of “Operation Vistula”, Ukrainians were expelled from these lands, so ethnic fairness dictates that the land should be returned to Ukraine. I'm talking about Przemysl and several other regions,” said Tarasenko.

Member of the “Right Sector” noted that they intend to use diplomacy to return the land.

“We're not an imperial power, we do not intend to take the lands of others, we just want to take what is ours,” said Tarasenko.

He also noted that Ukraine's place is not in the EU as “this would be contrary to the idea of the nation-state”.

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