Parliament approves new Cabinet (LIST)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved new Cabinet of Ministers - the decision was supported by 331 People's Deputies, informs our correspondent.

First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Vitaly Yarema (“Batkivschyna” - law enforcement and security forces, the right hand of the Prime Minister)

Vice Prime Minister - Alexander Sych

Vice Prime Minister for Regional Development and Utilities - Vladimir Groisman (Vinnytsa Mayor)

Vice Prime Minister - Ostap Semerak (former People's Deputy from Timoshenko’s faction)

Minister of Health - Oleg Musiy (head of Maidan ambulance, president of Ukrainian Medical Society)

Interior Minister - Arsen Avakov (“Batkivschyna” - former Mayor of Kharkov)

Minister of Infrastructure - Maxim Burbak

Minister of Finance - Oleksandr Shlapak (former economy minister, the deputy NBU National Bank head, the head of the Treasury)

Minister of Social Policy - Lyudmila Denisova (“Batkivschyna” - former Minister of Social Policy)

Minister of Justice - Pavel Petrenko (“Batkivschyna”)

Minister of Culture - Yevgeni Nischuk (voice of Maidan), film and theatre actor, Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Minister of Economic Development and Trade - Pavel Sheremet (Head of Kiev School of Economics)

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food - Igor Schweich (“Svoboda”)

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources - Oleg Mohnik (“Svoboda”)

Minister of Family, Youth and Sport - Dmitry Bulatov (leader of AutoMaidan)

Minister of Energy and Coal Industry - Igor Prodan

Minister of Education and Science - Sergei Kvit (president of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”)

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