Yatsenyuk is a new Prime Minister of Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament appointed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the “Batkivschyna” party, for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.

371 lawmakers, with one against, supported the corresponding decision; two deputies abstained.

Yatsenyuk was nominated to the post by parliament’s Speaker Alexander Turchinov.

In the Ukrainian parliament there is also a new coalition majority of 250 People's Deputies, added Alexander Turchinov speaking on the session.

“Today, on February 27, People's Deputies in the Verkhovna Rada created “European Choice” coalition composed of 250 deputies,” said the Speaker.

He noted that the coalition includes the following parliamentary factions and groups: “Batkivschyna”, “UDAR”, “Svoboda”, lawmakers’ groups “Economic Development” and “Modern European Ukraine”, and other deputies.

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