Simferopol Airport remains a sitting duck despite the revolution

According to the 2013 financial results of Simferopol International airport, the company net profit for last year reached UAH 16.56 million, compared to UAH 57.461 million the year before. That's UAH 40 million down year on year.

Interestingly, according to other reports, airport operations and cash receipts for the period have increased. Last year, Simferopol Airport provided most profits for the Crimea - almost 100% of the UAH 17.2 million, said Sergey Karpov, first deputy chair of the Autonomy Property Fund, speaking on December 20, 2013, at the meeting of the Supreme Council’s Permanent Panel on budgetary, economic and investment policy.

The Panel has also stated that the results of the airport’s 9 months operation in 2013 show higher than expected net profit.

Currently practically all administration of the Simferopol Airport consists of Odessa natives - from senior managers down to accountant clerks. All accounts of the airport have been translated to Odessa-based Finbank Bank.

Operations of airport director Boris Soldatko are controlled by Boris Kaufman, the same person who controls the Odessa Airport and who is represented on the local level by Anatoly Mogilev, former head of Crimea’s Council of Ministers, and Yuri Gerasimov, chair of the State Property Fund of the Autonomy and also a native of Donetsk, learned NAH news from a source.

In September 2013, Crimean Property Fund issued a decree on approving Vladimir Artmin, former head of Odessa Airport security, as a member of the Board. Officially, Artmin has been appointed internal security advisor to director general of Simferopol Airport Boris Soldatko, who is considered a dummy figure on the board.

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