Criminal case is opened on the fact of capture of administrative buildings in Simferopol

The PR department of the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine informs that criminal case is opened on the fact of capture by unknown armed persons of buildings of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea and the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea in Simferopol.

The information is recorded in the General Register of the Pre-trial Investigations; on this fact the prosecutor's office of the Crimea opened a criminal case according to the article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the act of terror). The Directorate of Security Service of the Crimea is entrusted to investigate this case.

According to Prosecutor General's office, today in Simferopol at 4:30 a.m. two groups of unknown people (consisting of 10-15 people each) captured buildings of the Supreme Council of the Crimea and the Council of Ministers of the autonomy. Unknown people broke into the buildings, and closed the doors from the inside. They have no demands.

According to preliminary information, these persons have firearms, the quantity and type of which are not known. Capturing buildings they did not use weapons, there is also no information about use of force towards workers of law enforcement officers and officers of state security.

All the leaders of all national security, defense and law enforcement agencies of the autonomy are on the place of the incident; all the personnel of the local police were alerted.

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