Viktor Yanukovych: I consider myself to be a legitimate head of the state

Viktor Yanukovych made the first statement since his disappearance, in which he said that he did not recognize the authority in the country, which came to power as a result of coup d’état, as legitimate, and still considered himself to be the President of Ukraine.

"I, Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych address the people of Ukraine, I still consider myself to be the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state, elected on the basis of the free expression of will of Ukrainian citizens. I cannot stay indifferent to the tragic events on my homeland. I believe that the signed by me and by leaders of Ukrainian opposition in the presence of distinguished western partners agreement about settlement of the crisis in Ukraine on February 21, 2014 was not fulfilled. There is a wild outburst of extremism in the streets of many cities of our country. There are threats of physical reprisal with me and my associates," Yanukovych notes.

In addition, in his statement he requests the Russian authority to ensure "personal security from actions of extremists."

"Unfortunately, everything that is happening now in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is not legitimate. Decisions that are taken by the parliament without many members of the group Party of Regions and other groups, who fear for their safety, and some of them were subjected to physical violence and were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine," is noted in the appeal.

Viktor Yanukovych stated that he intended to struggle till the end for "implementation of important compromise agreements regarding leading Ukraine out of the deep political crisis," and called "to immediately bring the situation in our country to the constitutional field."

"Now it becomes clear that people in the south-east of Ukraine and the Crimea do not accept anarchy and arbitrary rule in the country, when the leaders of ministries are elected by the crowd on the square. I, as the current President, did not allow armed forces of Ukraine to intervene in internal political events. Now I order not to intervene as well. In case, if someone will give such order to armed forces and defense and law enforcement agencies, such order will be illegal and criminal," Yanukovych stressed.

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