Ukraine Saves Kopecks

In October 2013, the National Bank of Ukraine proposed to use instead of aluminum 50-kopeck coin the new galvanized one, made of mild steel. Such coins will cost the state cheaper, and serve longer. Such new material, what important, allows to reduce the cost of the coin. Instead of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, the price of which increases, there mild steel alloys will be used. One can use the new coins more than 30 years, according to the Head of General Department of Monetary Management of Ukraine’s National Bank Victor Nesterenko. The plating allows to distinguish legitimate coin from a false one.

The idea to create a new 50-kopeck coin arose during European countries monetary systems analyzing. It appeared, plated coins are already used in 40 countries. Among them is Russia, which since 2008 has used plated coins of 5 kopecks.

The NBU representative Victor Nesterenko said that "new coins enter into circulation within the planned issue". The old 50-kopeck coins will be used along with the new.

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