An attempt to capture the right wing of the building of the Kharkov Regional State Administration was made at night

An attempt to capture the building of the right wing of the building of Kharkov Regional State Administration (OGA), where the accounting department is located, was made at night. The deputy chairman of the Kharkov OGA, the head of the staff Vasiliy Khoma informed that the office of the head of the common department of OGA, where the official stamps and stamps of OGA are stored, was broken into.

"At about 12:00 p.m. on February 26 I received the telephone call from the police officers, who guarded the building; they informed that activists from self-defense, who occupied the building of the Kharkov OGA on February 22, entered the office, where there were stamps and documents. Now we will check if they are still there. We do not know how they used these stamps. Moreover there was a skirmish between representatives of self-defense," Vasiliy Khoma noted.

According to him, the OGA made all compromises and created all conditions, for activists, who were there, to feel comfortable. But they violated their commitments.

"Everything was normal until yesterday evening.  There were no conflicts. The OGA made all compromises, provided premises, created all the conditions for people who came here would feel comfortable. They committed not to create obstacles for the work of structural sub-units of OGA. But, as you can see, the agreement was violated by them. Today we will conduct negotiations with them. During the session of the coordinating council I will try to persuade them to behave in an appropriate way. It is possible, that another decisions will be made," Vasiliy Khoma stressed.

After the briefing Vasiliy Khoma together with journalists inspected the office, in which there was an activist of self-defense, who also called himself a representative of the organization the Right Sector. There was a pressure gas vessel and paint ball guns in the office. Answering the question, why did they need paint ball guns, the activist replied that they needed them for training of representatives of self-defense, in order to stay in a good combat readiness.

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