Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to protect the rights of Crimean population

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to protect the rights of Crimean population, according to his announcement to reporters today in Grozny.

“We are very good interaction with the Crimea. Our fund financed a mosque construction in Crimea. During the reign of Stalin’s, many peoples of the USSR were subjected to deportation, but justice should be sought only by lawful means. Today, in Crimea the majority is Russian, the Cossacks. We are always with them and, if necessary, will come to the rescue; we won’t allow anyone to insult Russians, Cossacks or Chechens, wherever they may live,” said Kadyrov.

“We are ready to go to the Crimea in any capacity, be it peacekeepers or soldiers,” he said. “I'm very sorry about what has happened and is happening in Ukraine. It is a coup. The West, in Syria, Libya, and in Ukraine, began to support extremists who oppose the state. This is an attempt to put pressure on Russia,” added the Chechen leader.

“Today, those who came to the square and say that they were deported, only escalate the situation. Chechens were deported too, the entire Chechen nation. I think if anyone has some dissatisfaction, it is necessary to follow the law,” warned Kadyrov the Crimean Tatars.

In addition, Kadyrov said that he is ready to defend his fellow compatriots.

“We have very good contact with Chechen diaspora who live in Ukraine and are citizens of that country. We get information that there is a threat not only to their business, but also to property that was earned by honest labor. I have to say - we will not allow it! We won’t allow to hurt Chechens, wherever they live, in Ukraine or any other state. We live in the lawful state, while in Ukraine today there is only lawlessness and chaos. We will examine all the facts, and if the Ukrainian side fails to apologize to everyone they offended, they will have to answer!”

Chechen leader also expressed his outrage by the facts of riot police prosecution.

“They were doing their duty and their order. Yanukovych is to blame for what has happened today; he lost control. Now the guys who stopped the bloodshed are forced to kneel and apologize to the terrorists and extremists. I felt the pain of those guys - as an officer, I had tears on my eyes.”

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