Maidan reaction to the new ministers (video)

“A bullet in the forehead,” chant the crowd in Yatsenyuk face. The same crowd cheers Tatiana Chornovol, Alexander Bulatov and Alexander Parubiy. The rest gets just an applause.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk was offered the Prime Minister position, Radio Liberty reports.

The Maidan lauded Andrei Parubiy, Dmitry Bulatov and Tatiana Chornovol. Announcement of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Arsen Avakov received whistles and boos.

The list of Cabinet members was voiced at the Maidan by Yevgeny Nischuk, permanent Maidan presenter and the future Culture Minister:

Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk.

Vice Prime Minister for European Integration - Tarasyuk (member of the "Batkivschyna" faction).

Vice Prime Minister for Humanitarian Policy - Bohomolets (Maidan activist).

Vice Prime Minister for Regional Policy - Vladimir Groisman (Vinnytsia Mayor).

"Svoboda" has received the position of Vice Prime Minister (Alexander Sich) and of the Environment Minister (Andrei Mohnik).

The rest of the Cabinet are "Batkivschyna" members and Maidan activists:

Ministry of Justice - Pavel Petrenko.

Ministry of Culture - Yevgeny Nischuk Maidan presenter.

Ministry of Youth and Sports - Dmitry Bulatov, the leader of "AvtoMaidan".

Ministry of Education and Science - Sergei Kvit.

Ministry of Finance - Alexander Shlapak.

Ministry of Health - Oleg Musiy, Maidan activist.

Interior Minister - Arsen Avakov.

Ministry of Social Policies - Lyudmila Denisova.

Secretary of National Security Council - Andrei Parubiy, his deputy - Victoria Syumar, Maidan activist. Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the "Right Sector" was offered a position as NSC Deputy Secretary.

Foreign Ministry - Andrei Deshchytsa (former deputy of ex Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara).

Ministry of Agriculture - Alexander Mirny.

CM Minister - Semerak.

Economy Minister - Pavel Sheremet (founder of the Kiev-Mohyla Business School, President of the Kiev School of Economics).

Ministry of Energy - Yuri Prodan (former head of the Ministry of Energy in the Cabinet of Yulia Tymoshenko)

The new authorities also created several new bodies:

Anti-Corruption Bureau - Tatyana Chornovil (journalist).

Lustration Commission - Yegor Sobolev (journalist and activist).

The position of the Defence Minister is still open; the quota belongs to the Afghan veterans who joined the Maidan protests.

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