Venezuela: 50 killed, a statue - beheaded (video)

Venezuela: 50 killed, a statue - beheaded (video)

“Already over 50 people died because of the barricades and chaos,” quote the local media the country’s President Maduro. He means the people for whom medical care came too late, including because the ambulance was unable to reach patients.

In addition, motorcyclists are killed as they hit the artificial barriers installed on the roads, said the President.

For a while now, demonstrators have been blocking streets and roads of the cities protesting against Maduro government policies. It all started with massive protests, which resulted in across the country at least 14 killed and nearly 150 injured across the country. The situation is so complicated that even regional opposition heads from some districts of Caracas appealed to their supporters asking to refrain from this form of protest.

Demonstrators erect real barricades using rubbish, debris and manhole lids; this stops the vehicles, including ambulances, from passing through.

Tonight protesters broke through police cordons and reached the bust of Hugo Chavez, former President of the country. The monument has been beheaded.

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