Does Yanukovych want to suspend the Association with the EU because of blackmail of Russia?

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych explained the failure of signing the Association with the EU with the blackmail from the side of the leaders of the Russian Federation and asked Stefan Füle to sign the Agreement the next year.

During the telephone conversation Viktor Yanukovych told the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite about the economic pressure on Ukraine by Russia. That is why Ukraine has suspended the preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. If Russia puts limitations on the import of goods from Ukraine, the latter will suffer losses measured in billions. The figure of 160 billion dollars is named.

But the leaders of the country do not lose hope to sign the Agreement. Yanukovych suggested to the European commissioner for the affairs of expansion Stefan Füle to postpone the signing for a year.

However, the Ukrainian vice Prime Minister Yuri Boiko stated openly, that the preparation to the Association with the EU was suspended by the Cabinet of Ministers because the EU did not give to understand clearly whether Ukraine would be reimbursed for economic loss in case of complications with the countries of the CIS.

Let us remind you that on November 21 Ukraine suspended preparation for the signing of the associative membership and free trade with the EU, which was scheduled to take place at the "Eastern Partnership" Summit in Vilnius on November 28-29.

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