In Kiev at national assembly new Cabinet of Ministers was announced

From the stage in the Independence square, the leading Evgeny Nishchuk announced the list of Ministers of the government. The Ministers candidates were approved by the Rada of Maidan.


The Prime Minister of Ukraine became Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The Anti-corruption Bureau would be headed by the Maidan victim Tatiana Chornovol. Dmitry Bulatov, as predicted, became the Minister of youth and sports. Andrey Parubiy, the commandant of the Maidan, would take the post of the NSDC Secretary. His assistants would be Victoria Siumar and Dmitry Yarosh (not yet given his consent). The host Evgeny Nishchuk was approved by the Minister of culture.

The names of those who would head rest of the Ministries are as follows:

Vice Prime Minister for European integration – Borys Tarasyuk;

Vice Prime Minister for humanitarian policy – Olga Bogomolets;

Люстраційний Committee – Yegor Sobolev;

Justice Minister – Pavel Petrenko;

Ministry of Finance – Alexander Shlapak;

Minister of economy – Pavel Sheremet;

Minister of education – Serhiy Kvit;

The Ministry of Social Policy – Ludmila Denisova;

Ministry Of Environment – Andrey Mohnik;

Minister of culture – Evgeny Nishchuk;

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Andrey Deshchitsa;

Ministry of agrarian policy – Alexander Myrnyi;

Ministry Of Health – Oleg Musiy;

Minister of fuel and energy – Yuriy Prodan;

Minister of Internal Affairs – Arsen Avakov;

The Minister of infrastructure – consultations are continuing.

The Ministry of defense – consultations are continuing, the Afghans proposed their candidacy.

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