Poland's point of view: Abrogation of the law about languages is a mistake

On Thursday the TV channel CNN informs that the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski stated that Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made a mistake by abrogating the law about language state policy. 

"I believe that Ukrainian parliament made a mistake a few days ago when they repealed the law about regional languages. Ukrainian parliament should make clear signals to ethnic minorities about the fact that they are welcomed to be a part of the new Ukraine," Sikorski stated in his interview with CNN. In addition, he noted that Ukraine is a member of the Council of Europe and should fulfill the adopted by the Council rules on protection of minorities.

Last Sunday Verkhovna Rada recognized the law adopted in 2012 about the basis of state policy on languages to be expired. The law, initiated by Party of Regions, provided the possibility of official bilingualism in the regions, where the number of representatives of national minorities is more than 10%.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary has already disputed the repeal of the law.

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