Man dies near the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea

A corpse of an elderly man was found in Simferopol, at the rally held near the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea. The Cause of death - acute heart failure. More than 20 other participants of the meeting required a medical assistance with injuries; in particular, the reported cases include traumatic brain injury, high blood pressure, and loss of consciousness.

Today, about 10,000 people gathered for rallies in Simferopol. There were two separate rallies, as some people favored a change of power and transfer of the Crimea to Russia, while others did not support the idea. The clashes started.

For an hour, Russian nationalists and opponents of separatism pelted each other with sticks and empty plastic bottles; first victims appeared. Then, the Crimean Tatars started to push Russian nationalists away from the Council building. The red flag was burned; the posters used pro-Russian banner boards to lit a bonfire.

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