The construction of Beskidskiy tunnel, the second in terms of length in Ukraine, has begun

In Ukraine, on the border of the Zakarpatskaya and Lvov Regions the construction of the new twin-track railway of the Beskidskiy tunnel has begun.

According to the press-service of "Ukrzaliznutsa" , the tunnel serves 40% of transit freight transportation in the direction of the Western and Central Europe. Therefore, the tunnel is of strategic importance.

The building is held by the construction association "Interbudmontazh of Ukraine" selected at the international tender.

The works had to begin in June, but it did not happen. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the project and construction of the railway tunnel title only on August 21, 2013. The total estimated cost is almost 2.2 billion UAH. For the construction more than 81 thousand cubic meters of concrete and more than 7 thousand tons of reinforcement will be used. The Beskidskiy tunnel is the second in length railway tunnel in Ukraine, which was built in 1886.

Now the operating tunnel is on the last stage of wearing. The new tunnel will be routed in 30 meters from the existing tunnel at depths of 182 meters from the surface of the Beskidskiy range. Its length will be 1,764 meters, width - 10.5 meters, height - 8.5 meters.

The tunnel will be equipped with the modern lighting, ventilation, video surveillance, monitoring sensors to determine the level of harmful gases, as well as constant monitoring of the state of the tunnel, the alarm and communications, fire safety and anti-corrosion protection system, emergency transitions. Bandwidth of a new tunnel would increase from 47 to100 pairs of trains every 24 hours and the speed in the tunnel will increase from 40 to 60 km/h.

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