Arrests of the participants of the rallies started in Kiev; a son of a deputy is detained

The law enforcers have arrested several participants of the rally. The son of the deputy Tatyana Sliuz is among the detaiees.

"The police began illegal arrests at Euromaidan. An hour ago the personnel of Berkut unit using brute physical force pulled the son of Batkivschina deputy Tatyana Sliuz and several other guys out of the car. All of a sudden, without explaining any reasons," the people's deputy Vladimir Aryev wrote on his Facebook page.

According to his information, the detainees were taken to Pechersky regional police department.

"One was beaten up so hard that he was taken by the ambulance. The others are kept in the assembly hall of the department without explaining the reason," added Aryev.

On Monday, the protests against the decision by the government of Ukraine will continue in Kiev. Today there was a skirmish between the participants of the rally and the officers of Berkut special unit near the government building. The officers of the special unit broke the arm of Alexander Sviridovsky, the member of Svoboda union.

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