The Treasury did not transfer more than 200 million UAH to Kharkov

February 26 at the session the deputy Governor of Kharkov Mayor, the director of Department of Budget and Finance Tatiana Taukesheva informed that the State Treasury was delaying money transfer to Kharkov in the amount more than 200 million UAH.

She noted that currently the debt of the state to Kharkov for the secured items of expenses comprised more than 70 million UAH. It includes wages, funds to pay for energy resources, food and medicines. In particular, there are no funds to provide pre-school and school institutions with nutrition. For example, the debt on schooling provisions is approximately 3 million UAH.

"Yesterday, we persuaded the Treasury to provide 100 thousand UAH for milk for children.  All in all as of yesterday, the debt to Kharkov for our payments comprises more than 200 million UAH, which the treasury did not transfer," Tatiana Taukesheva emphasized.

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