A sculpture, devoted to young fans, will appear near Donbass Arena in Donetsk

A sculpture Young Fans will appear near Donbass Arena stadium in Donetsk. The general sponsor of the soccer club "Shakhter" - SKM Group (System Capital Management), presented the mockup of the sculpture of the children.

Three kids from children sport fan-club "Orange laces" were selected as the characters of the sculpture. According to the representative SKM Group, the sculpture is a gift to the city in honor of 13th anniversary of the company. "We would like it to become really the favorite place for children. There is a great number of sculptures in Donetsk, but they are all for the adults. And we want to ensure that the kids have their children sculpture forever".

Anna Kiseleva, who is known by such creations as "Grandmother with kravchuchka" and "The Classic Grandma". will become the author of this unique monument.

The creator of the sculptural composition hopes that it dressing the sculpture with flags and scarves of the favorite team will become a good luck tradition for the local fans.

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