Kharkov Circus may be given a new name

For the 130-year anniversary Kharkov Circus may obtain the name of Fred Yashunov, who managed the circus for 52 years. This idea was suggested by the staff of the circus.

On November 12 this idea was approved by the City toponymic council. However, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine must approve the new name as well.

 "This is the competence of the ministry, but they told us, that that they want to know the opinion of the city, and that they want to see our decision supported by a letter from Kharkov city Mayor," Alexey Khoroshkovatuy, the Executive secretary of the toponymic council informed.

The issue of immortalizing of the names of the outstanding circus personalities is raised by the team of the circus not for the first time. For example, in 2003 the square, on which the circus is situated, was named after the legendary animal trainer Irina Bugrimova. The sculptor Seyfaddin Gurbanov created several variants of the monument of the animal trainer. However, the citizens of Kharkov will be able to see the sculpture only after the city authorities will do the reconstruction works of the fountain and the walkway near the building of the circus.

Fred Yashunov devoted 65 years of his life to the work in circus, 52 of which (since 1931 to 1982) he served as a Director of Kharkov state circus. At that time it was located in the old premises of Grekk circus. It was Fred Yashunov who persuaded the authorities to begin the construction of a new building of the circus, which could house 2100 people. In 1947 the building was put into operation. Fred Yashunov personally took part in the preparation of a big number of tricks, attractions, and of the whole programs. In 1957 he established the first Ukrainian national circus team, to which the best artists were invited. It was Fred Yashunov who opened doors for Irina Bugrimova, who was the first Soviet animal trainer of predators. Fred Yashunov was awarded the title of “Honored worker of culture of Ukrainian Social Soviet Republic" for the enormous contribution to the development of circus art. He also was awarded a number of state awards of the Soviet Union.

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