In 2014 Kharkov plans to allocate more than 700 million UAH for Eurobasket 2015

The program of the city preparation and holding the final competition of the championship of Europe in basketball, which will be held in Ukraine, was approved today, on February 26 at the session of Kharkov City Council.

This document stipulates funding of the works and activities for preparation of the infrastructure and main objects of the city for Eurobasket 2015. The program contains 17 tasks, for implementation of which 213 activities should be fulfilled.

It is expected that the total amount of funding of the tasks will be 2.471 billion UAH, including 88.12 million UAH at the expanse of the state budget of Ukraine, 1 billion 581.21 million UAH at the expanse of the budget of Kharkov, and 801.69 million UAH at the expense of other sources.

In 2014 more than 700 million UAH will be allocated from the state budget for the preparation for the European championship. In particular, 26 million UAH will be allocated for reconstruction of the Kharkov Palace of Sports. These funds will be spent for renovation of the facade and the roof. Approximately 670 million UAH will be directed to the preparation of the infrastructure of Kharkov: repairs of roads, lighting of the streets, reconstruction of engineering networks, etc.  It is also planned to prepare one additional sport facility in the city for trainings of the guest teams of the tournament: the sports palace Locomotive before the beginning of Eurobasket 2015.

After adoption of the program the Head of Kharkov Gennady Kernes instructed the core department to direct a request to the Cabinet of Ministers, to ascertain, whether Eurobasket 2015 will be carried out in Kharkov. "No one needs simulation of the active work; let's find out whether we will host the championship or not, because we must plan allocation of funds," the city head noted.

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