The printing house of tactile books is planned to be opened in Kharkov

The representatives of public organizations, dealing with the problems of the blind Kharkov dwellers, have plans to open a small printing house of tactile books. They suggested this idea in the course of their visit of the Recovery center for young disabled people and members of their families "Right of choice".

During the event the participants were presented with the tactile books, which are used for blind visitors of the center. As a result, the idea to organize a small printing house of tactile books in Kharkov appeared. Such a printing house would serve the needs of the Kharkov regional educational center for blind children named after V.G. Korolenko, and the needs of public organizations of people with eyesight disorders.

The activity was confined to the International Day of the Blind. The event organizer was Kharkov regional department of the Fund of social protection of the disabled.

The International Day of the Blind is the world-wide date, aiming at the awareness of those who lost their eyesight forever, and got in a difficult situation. This day is observed every year on November 13, on the birthday of a well-known teacher Valentin Hаuy. In 1784, in Paris, using his personal funds and in his own house, he opened the first school in the world for blind children, called "Workshop of blind workers ". The World Health Organization, in order to perpetuate the memory of  Valentin Hаuy, decided to observe the International Day of the Blind on his birthday.

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