11 volumes of works of contemporary writers from the CIS countries were published in Belarus

A new book sequel "Concord of hearts" was presented in Belarus. The publishers think that the 11 volumes contain the best works of the authors from the CIS countries.

"Concord of hearts" is a new book sequel of the "Publishing house "Zvyazda". Its purpose is to acquaint the readers with the best works, created, in general, in the post Soviet times by the poets and prose-writers, that represent the CIS countries. The project consists of eleven books. The miscellanies are structured as follows: the first part represents the literature of a country; the second part represents the modern Belorussian works. The book publishing is coincided with the presidency of Belarus in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The edition of the book is a little bit more than 1,000 copies. The works are published in Russian, which is understood all over the CIS countries.

As was noted in Belarus, this publishing project is a platform for the original literary diplomacy. The books from the sequel "Concord of hearts" have already been presented at exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Azerbaijan.

"These books are created by the international writers' community," the director and the editor in chief of the "Publishing house "Zvyazda" Alexandr Karlukevich said.

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