Ukraine became a member of UNESCO Executive Board

As a result of the elections, which were held on November 13 in the context of the 37th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, Ukraine was elected a member of the UNESCO Executive Board for the period from 2013 till 2017.

As was reported in the Department of Information Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 169 out of 185 member states of UNESCO, which took part in the voting, supported Ukraine.

The Department noted that the election of Ukraine into this governing body of UNESCO will contribute to strengthening the authority of the state, will make a significant contribution to the work of the organization including the implementation of the initiatives regarding the expansion of international cooperation in the sphere of science, education and culture.

The Executive Board of UNESCO is one of two (alongside with the General Conference) governing bodies of UNESCO. The Council consists of of 58 member states of UNESCO. The Chairman of the National Commission for Affairs of UNESCO is the First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko. During the period of membership in UNESCO since May 12, 1954 Ukraine has been elected the member of the Executive Board there times: 1981-1985, 1995-1999, and 2001-2005.

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