Shrovetide celebrations in Kharkov’s Gorky Park

Kharkov Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation will host celebrations on March 1 and 2 to mark the Shrovetide. According to the festival organizers, the park visitors will be entertained by folk groups, everyone will be able to take part in fun contests and eat pancakes at the fair.

The festive concert will feature Ivan Bidak’s Ukrainian Folk Choir, folk song group “Talitsa”, modern music group “Court-jazz” and others. The program also includes a master class in making rag dolls, a fancy-dress parade and a youth disco.

On the medieval square, there will be installed a Marena doll, symbol of the Shrovetide. This 3.5-meter high doll will be the focal point for dances; and at the end of the celebration, it will be traditionally burned down.

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