Tyagnibok assures Crimeans of his good intentions (VIDEO)

Leader of the “Svoboda” party Oleg Tyagnibok appealed to Crimea residents in a TV clip translated in Crimea via the channel of Andrei Senchenko, People’s Deputy from Batkivschyna faction.

In the video, Tyagnibok implores to disbelieve some of information spread about him and his party. Tyagnibok noted that “the information war is being waged against us all,” spreading “a lot of untrue information about what is happening in Kiev, distorting a lot of information about the intentions of the current government, about what is happening in different regions of Ukraine.”

Tyagnibok also urged not to believe that protesters from Western Ukraine aim for the Crimea.

“All the talk about some trains full of some Maidan supporters go to the Crimea where they will smash, hit, kill, destroy - it's all nonsense and lies. It is an attempt to set us against each other,” he says.

Tyagnibok also talked on the subject of other languages spoken in the Ukraine.

“I assure you: everyone can speak the language they want to speak. Of course, there is one official language, it is used in public bodies, but in everyday life, no-one stops anyone from using any convenient language. Nobody ever in Ukraine will prosecute members of national minorities. Nobody will limit cultural rights, education, or any other rights enjoyed by other nationalities,” assured Tyagnibok.

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