Kiev-based "Berkut" riot police disappears with weapons

Nearly a hundred of officers of Kiev-based “Berkut” riot police squad fled from the barracks. Many of them are armed.

According to ICTV TV channel, Andrei Didyuk, deputy head of the riot police regiment in Kiev, said that some were leaving their ID cards on the exit checkpoint. Didyuk is convinced that the missing men took guns for self-defense, as they were under pressure. According to him, none of the officers think that they were executing criminal orders when cracking down on the protesters in the government quarter.

“In order to prevent the disappearance of the remaining officers, commander of EuroMaidan hundred of Afghan veterans agreed to cooperate with the riot police authorities through the newly elected head of the Metropolitan Police,” reports the TV channel.

The police will be on duty around the locations of capital’s riot police barracks.

Tonight Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page about disbanding the “Berkut” riot police.

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