Igor Markov freed (VIDEO)

The leader of the “Rodina” party Igor Markov, who spent three months in prison, was released by the decision of the Primorsky District Court of Odessa.

Before the release, the court was besieged for eight hours by the followers of Odessa politician. As argument, they presented a Ukrainian parliament resolution on returning the People’s Deputy mandate to Igor Markov.

“I will not make any political statements, because the degree of tension in our country is very high and responsible politicians, it seems to me, should be careful in their statements, because the situation in the country is quite explosive,” said Markov to reporters. “We go through the most difficult period in our history, and I hope to God that it will end well. The only thing I want to say is to express my gratitude to Odessa residents who supported me, and condolences to the bereaved families on both sides. No power costs lives, and those who put our country on the brink of civil war, must answer for it. I am convinced that the situation will stabilize and the responsible people, there are many of those in the parliament, and the common sense will prevail.”

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