Communists are picketing Kharkov city council session, raised Russian flag on the City Council flagpole

About 200 representatives of the Kharkov Regional Committee of the Communist Party hold a picket near the Kharkov City Council, where the City Council session is under way. The picketers request City Council deputies to ensure normal life of Kharkov city and its residents, stable operation of all institutions - according to them, the central government now cannot guarantee this now.

Speaking on the session, Deputy Alla Aleksandrovskaya, head of the Kharkov Regional Committee of the Communist Party, declared the need to prevent removal of the Lenin monument in Kharkov as it is protected by law. She reminded that the local and state budgets must be filled and called for National Council tomorrow, February 27, at the Liberty Sq., to discuss the public and political situation in the country.

At this point, members of the rally hoisted Russia’s flag on the City Council flagpole, which was followed by shouts of joy. Kharkov Mayor noted, “Go and put there the Kharkov flag and flag of Ukraine. And nothing else, I say.”

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