Kharkov Mayor: I am proud for patriots at Liberty Square (PHOTOS)

“Refusal of radical youth from trying to remove the Lenin monument did not change the intention of patriotic Kharkovites to protect the monument, maintaining non-stop guard on the square. On February 25, they, along with other residents of the city (about 2,000 people) came to the rally of Kharkov patriots, which starts every evening around 19:00,” said the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes. “I am proud that my hometown defends its history and traditions with dignity and consistency. And while I feel your support, entrusted to me high right to represent your interests, we will be together here,” said the Mayor addressing the audience at the square. Gennady Kernes called on Kharkov dwellers to extinguish aggression attempts of radical youth who are holding entrance to the Regional State Administrations since February 22. “Our future is in the development of independent Ukraine; our city is outside of the conflict zone and is ready to show an example of tolerance and law. Law enforcement officers are doing their job, and I, for my part, I want to support and strengthen your desire to participate in the life of the city, to offer, assist and act. This is our city and we live here,” said Gennady Kernes.

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