Citizens of Moldova will have visa-free regime with the EU

The European Commission believes that the Republic of Moldova has fulfilled all the necessary requirements for liberalization of the visa regime with the EU, and in the nearest future will suggest the Council of the EU to abolish visa requirements for citizens of Moldova traveling to the EU countries.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso made such a statement during the press conference on Friday, November 15 after meeting the heads of the government of Romania Victor Ponta and of Moldova Iurie Leancă in Brussels.

The signing of documentation is scheduled to the end of November 2013, in the context of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.

Moldova had launched the visa dialogue in June 2010, and received the action plan aiming at the visa-free travel to EU in January 2011. Moldova's parliament adopted a declaration of support for integration into the European Union on 14 November. The document was supported by the ruling coalition of European oriented government as well as by the party of liberals, while the communists refused to support it. The Parliament has pledged to support the government in performing the necessary procedures for the initialling, signing and implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU. Moldova counts on initialling the Association Agreement with the EU during the Summit in Vilnius.

It should be noted, that the liberalization of the visa regime will provide to citizens of the Republic the opportunity to travel visa-free to the countries of Schengen Area and stay there for three months, however it will not provide them with employment opportunities.

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