The cultural values have been confiscated from the former prime minister of Ukraine

The federal court of the Northern District of California confiscated from the former prime minister of Ukraine Pavlo Lazarenko the lithography by Pablo Picasso which is worth $ 30,000. 

The lithography by Picasso “The lady with chignon" and a vase valued at $7,800 dollars were confiscated as a part of the fee which according to the court decision Lazarenko must pay to the US government. According to the information from "The Ukrainska Pravda" the debt exceeds $ 22 million.

The lithography remained at the police since June 2012. In June of 2012 the empty mansion of Lazarenko was robbed by adolescents who arranged a party there. A few days later a neighbor of the politician discovered the lithography not far away from the mansion. At the moment of the robbery Lazarenko was in prison, where he was serving his sentence for money-laundering.

On November 2 it got about that the court had confiscated from the former prime minister the mansion as well since in the court's opinion, it was purchased for the illegally acquired funds. It is reported that Lazarenko is allowed to take his personal things from the mansion.

Let us remind that Pavlo Lazarenko served as Prime Minister of Ukraine from May 1996 till July 1997. In 1999 fleeing from the charges of the stealing of the budget funds and arrangement of a murder Lazarenko using the false passport entered in the USA with the intention to request political asylum. Instead, the US authorities arrested him on suspicion of the money-laundering.

In 2007 Lazarenko was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment for money laundering and fraud. Subsequently, the term was reduced by 11 months, and the politician was released in November 2012.  Fearing of criminal prosecution in Ukraine, Lazarenko is seeking permission to stay in the US.

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