Kernes failed to remove the Russian flag from the Kharkov City Council (Photo)

Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes left the session of the Kharkov City Council and tried to remove the flag of Russia himself, which was raised on the flagpole near the building of the City Council. "Kharkov is located in Ukraine. Flags of other states should not be put up," Kernes addressed the strikers. But participants of the rally, in which people with flags of the Communist Party and activists with ribbons of St. George took part, did not let him approach the flagpole shouting "Traitor! Shame!".

Together with raising the Russian flag activists burned the flag of Ukrainian Insurgent Army near the building of the City Council.

Having returned to the session hall, Kernes stated that those who raised the Russian flag provoke tension in the city. According to him, law enforcement bodies should take up this issue and called on political forces not to provoke people.

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