The leader of the party Rodina Markov was released from pretrial detention center

Primorskiy District Court of Odessa released the arrested, deprived of deputy's mandate of Verkhovna Rada, leader of the party Rodina Igor Markov. This decision was read out by the judge Aleksey Kaplya at about 9:00 p.m.

He argued his decision, referring to the content of the order of the representative of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexandr Turchinov dated February 22, according to which Markov should be returned his voting card in parliament and his salary card.

Kaplya said that on the basis of this order Markov is considered to be a deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

"On the basis of this document, Igor Markov cannot be kept in custody without the decision of Verkhovna Rada," Kaplya said.

This judicial decision is not subject to appeal, and is due to be carried out.

After reading out a verdict, which the judge was considering for more than two hours in the retiring room, the present people in the court (in corridors and in the room) began chanting: "Hooray!" "Victory!" "Thank You Kaplya!"

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